Welcome to my cabinet of curiosities! Vintage items have always been a fascination of mine. My parents were avid antique hunters, and I loved going with them on their weekend trips. The things I saw were one-of-a-kind with a rich past – not mass produced in multiples; they carried history into the now, and that was interesting to me. My imagination came to life as I pictured the lives of the people who used, appreciated, and loved their possessions.

I clearly remember visiting a shop with my parents when I was 5 years old, the female shopkeeper peered at me with concern when I reached out to pick up a piece of blue and white porcelain…but her expression changed to pure astonishment when I said “Oh look mommy! Meissen!”

In my teens, my parents let me open up an annex in our home-based antique shop (I grew up in a 1790s cape in New Hampshire that was unrestored).

Robyn’s Nest was my first antique shop, and was short-lived, but my interest in collecting vintage pieces has never waned. I knew I wanted to open another shop one day, and here it is. Not the brick and mortar I pictured, but just as filled with found things. I hope they inspire you, remind you of the past, and keep you curious….