What’s a treasure hunter and avid collector to do? Love the vibe of retro? Have you inherited treasured pieces of the past? No worries! Vintage is the new modern approach to home interior decoration.

There is an old saying: What goes around, comes around, and this applies to vintage and antique styles. I love decorating my home with vintages pieces; they bring the past to life and have a story to tell.

That said, too much of a good thing can make your home cluttered and look more like a junk shop. Mixing items from different eras with no editing won’t lead to a restful space! Keeping this in mind, here are five easy ways to keep your rooms updated and fresh, while enjoying the vintage treasures you love.

  1. Gather your collection:  Collect glass paperweights? Vintage toy cars? The best way to make your treasures pop is to group them together. They belong together! Separated, they get lost and aren’t fully appreciated.
  2. Mix old with new: Adding vintage pieces to a modern setting adds character. An antique Chinese blue and white ginger jar on a modern entry table provides instant warmth.
  3. Add an oriental rug: Nothing grounds a room more than a colorful rug, even when combined with modern furniture. The pop of color and pattern enhances the whole scene.
  4. Let your favorite antique shine: Place your most-loved treasure front-and-center. Make it a focal point! Pottery or blown glass pieces become works of art when displayed on their own.
  5. Textiles talk: Updated and ethnic-patterned textiles are a bridge from past to present. They go with everything. Use as window treatments and throw pillows, or even to upholster an antique piece of furniture. Textiles keep everything fresh.

So whether you’ve inherited a set of china from your great-grandmother, or carefully collected vintage teapots, dust them off and let them shine in your home!

-Robyn Sargent